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At Astur-Náutica, we handle the technical inspection of your recreational boat (ITB) for obtaining or renewing the navigation certificate or registration certificate.

During the ITB, it is verified that the boat meets the safety conditions required for both the boat and its equipment. We perform the necessary inspections before obtaining it to ensure a favorable result in the inspection, allowing you to navigate safely.

Boats required to undergo this inspection are recreational boats, regardless of their propulsion method, with a length between 2.5 and 24 meters intended for recreational or sports use, and carrying no more than 12 passengers.

It is essential to attend the ITB with the boat well-reviewed and in good condition.

Types of inspections

The mandatory inspections established by the legislation are as follows:

  1. Initial Inspection: Mandatory for all boats, unless they have the CE conformity marking.
  2. Periodic Inspection: Every 5 years at most, mandatory for boats from 6 meters in length for private use and for all boats operated for profit.
  3. Intermediate Inspection: Must be carried out between the second and third year from the periodic inspection. Mandatory for all boats over 6 meters operated for profit and for private use boats over 15 meters or 6 meters if they have a wooden hull.
  4. Additional Inspection: Mandatory for boats that have been repaired or modified or have undergone grounding, collision, or breakdowns that could affect navigation safety. Any modification or installation of equipment requires an additional inspection.

Possible results of a Boat Technical Inspection

Depending on the boat’s condition and the mandatory equipment on board in each case, the result can be satisfactory, favorable with minor deficiencies, unfavorable, or negative:

  1. Satisfactory: The boat can navigate within the certificate’s validity.
  2. Favorable with minor deficiencies: The boat can navigate within the certificate’s validity, but deficiencies must be addressed before sailing, without the need for a second inspection.
  3. Unfavorable: The Certificate will not be renewed. There will be a maximum period of two months to rectify the detected deficiencies and undergo a new inspection.
  4. Negative: The certificate will not be renewed, and the result will be communicated to the Maritime Captaincy.


Navigation Certificate / Registration Certificate

The Navigation Certificate and Registration Certificate are equivalent for inspection purposes and certify the boat’s fitness to navigate.

This document attests to the validity for navigation in the eyes of maritime authorities, users, customers, or insurers, indicating that the boat has passed the mandatory inspections designed to ensure safety at sea.

The Certificate is issued by an inspection collaborating entity and must always be available on board.