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Electric Boat – E+500

​With the E+500, you’ll have all the stability, maneuverability, and space of our in-house EO500 boat, but with a modern electric motor. No certification is required.

Equipped with the Torqeedo Cruise 4.0 TS motor capable of propelling boats up to 4 tons with a power of 4,000 watts, propulsion power comparable to that of an 8 HP gasoline outboard but with much less maintenance.

A perfect electric boat for fishing or sailing, brand new, manufactured for you with durable and quality finishes. You can add accessories, choose the color, and customize it to your liking.

We have developed and manufactured it for you at Eo-Náutica with great ingenuity in collaboration with e+ Ingeniería.

We’ll tell you all the advantages of this new electric boat.

Sustainable electric motor

The E+500 motor uses electrical energy to move. It is clean energy that is environmentally friendly, as there is no risk of spills, and, most importantly, when charging the batteries, a significant portion of the electricity increasingly comes from renewable sources. Therefore, it does not pollute the sea, lakes, or rivers with gasoline or oils, nor does it emit harmful gases. It is the most environmentally friendly navigation and is here to stay.


More economical

The price of electricity is much lower than gasoline and diesel for traditional engines, so you can forget about the continuous cost of fuel without compromising the autonomy that traditional propulsion boats are accustomed to.



Legality and prohibition of traditional engines

More and more regions are prohibiting the use of combustion engines in favor of electric ones to preserve the environment, something that no longer surprises anyone. This restriction is increasingly extending to lakes and rivers and has already reached the sea.

If you go fishing or take a stroll in one of these areas, the use of a gasoline engine will be completely forbidden, and your only option is the electric motor.


Fishing or navigating in silence

You can enjoy the sea, rivers, and lakes without the annoying noise of traditional engines. With an electric motor, going for a tour or fishing becomes a new experience where you are in closer contact with nature, something that was previously only possible when sailing. You will forget about gases, smells and annoying vibrations.

If you go fishing, you know how tedious is to continuously stop and start your boat to locate correctly. In addition, these noises and vibrations alert your potential catches when you approach. With the E+500, you won’t have any of these problems!


Ease of use

We take advantage of our experience in manufacturing our EO500, so you retain all the maneuverability and ease of driving with the advantages of the electric motor, which gives you greater propulsion and precision from the moment it is turned on.


Less maintenance

Electric motors are powerful with high acceleration but simple and very reliable, in addition to being much cleaner. Forget about oil changes, overheating and constant wear and tear part inspections. Navigating with an electric motor  requires less maintenance and it is also safer.



Technical specifications:

  • Length 4.95 m Beam 1.71 m Draft 0.665 m
  • Displacement 305 kg
  • Maximum authorized power 15 kW 20 HP
  • Hull material Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (P.R.F.V.)
  • Number of persons 4
  • Design category C
  • Maximum load 445 kg
  • Navigation category 6


  • Stainless steel bow roller.
  • Stainless steel cleats.
  • Stainless steel bitts.
  • Stainless steel fairleads.
  • Ventilation grilles.
  • Lockable lockers.
  • Oars.
  • Removable central seat.
  • Self-draining cockpit.


  • Synthetic teak deck
  • Swimming ladder
  • Stainless steel bow rail
  • Stainless steel side rails
  • Hull color (choice of colors)

Electric outboard motor installation

Detalles del e+500

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